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Through my work, I create symbolic portraits of inspirational woman in history and celebrate their narratives. In the "Painted Ladies” series, I am pairing a vessel from my subject's time period with appropriated imagery from the subject's body of work to create a contemporary portrait. I delight in the layers of visual information. In the “History Adorned” series, I am painting portraits of women who have been forgotten or misunderstood through the passage of time. Each woman’s facial features are omitted and they become the universal woman. The silhouetted face offers a renewed introduction without preconceived markers and an opportunity to reevaluate from our contemporary standpoint. The portraits emphasize their fashion and accoutrements, but couture is more than an indication of social and economic standing. Portraiture presents the ideal version of ourselves and represents a desire to be remembered as such. Portraiture creates a legacy and builds on a narrative. We are all descended from historical figures and their narrative helps to shape our collective identities. I hope to celebrate these women in history who have made exceptional contributions from around the world over centuries.


Maremi grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. She earned a BFA from Cornell University and a MFA from Clemson University. She has had solo exhibitions at a number of venues around the DMV region. August 2019, she was an artist in residence at an international artist residency, La Macina di San Cresci, in Gréve in Chianti, Italy. Her 2019 solo show, “Hidden Histories”, at Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Formerly Greater Reston Arts Center) was favorably reviewed by the Washington Post and BURNAWAY. Fall 2020, she had a 3 person show, "Source Material", at Howard County Council for the Arts. December 2020 through January 2021, she had a solo exhibition , "Lady Lineage" at Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, MD. Her 2021 two person show, "May You Live in Interesting Times" at Adah Rose's gallery was reviewed by Mark Jenkins in The Washington Post. She is represented by Adah Rose's Gallery in Kensington, MD. Maremi lives and work in the Mount Vernon area.


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