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The Painted Ladies      
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My work draws inspiration from patterns and objects in the decorative arts and art history. Through my work I want to tell a story. - biographical and historical. Using design and still life elements, I create a symbolic portrait of an inspirational woman in history. In the "Painted Ladies” series, I am appropriating imagery from the artist’s body of work and combining her visual language with period cultural production, such as textile patterns, lace and/or ceramics. All subjects are researched from museum archives, auction listings and literary sources. I relish how each object and pattern has a layered story to tell about it’s origin and prominence. I delight in the stories of these ladies and consider my narrative antidote a part of each piece. In the “History Adorned” series, I am highlighting women that have been forgotten or misunderstood through the passage of time. Taking inspiration from their official portraits, the work focuses on their intentions to be commemorated and the gap between intention and historical reflection. Each work has a label that summarizes the sitter’s contribution to history. Through my work, I hope to introduce viewers to significant female figures in art and history and raise awareness for lesser known figures.


Maremi grew up in Old Town, Alexandria. She earned a BFA from Cornell University and a MFA from Clemson University. She has had solo exhibitions at Glen Echo Park, The Rachel M. Schlesinger Art Center/NOVA, The Torpedo Factory, Radford University, Glenview Mansion, Rockville Arts Place, Ritz Carlton Georgetown and The Stimson Center, to name a few. Her work is in the collection of JD Marriot, DC Commission for the Arts, Arlington County Arts Commission, Restaurant Eve, and many private collectors. Last summer, she was an artist in residence at an international artist residency, La Macina di San Cresci, in Gréve in Chianti, Italy. Her solo show, “Hidden Histories”, at Signature at Greater Reston Arts Center closed January 14th and was reviewed by the Washington Post an BURNAWAY. She lives and work in the Mount Vernon area.


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